This has been our simple mission statement from the very beginning, has shaped the DNA of our church community and is the heart of our church culture.



We strive to love and worship God as our supreme treasure. Worship is how we live to honor God everywhere, everyday in everything. Our desire is to grow a congregation that is sincerely passionate about pursuing the presence of God in our worship, in prayer and is being transformed by the truth of God's Word. Knowing the Word of God is how we know who God is. It is our compass in life. It is the source of all truth and wisdom and the ultimate and final authority in the believers life. We love God because it is the only reasonable and rationale response to His extravagant love for us.



We love people because people last forever. Period. There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. So if God can love us, there is nothing that should limit us from loving each other. We should be known for our love for each other as believers and for the world we live in.

Every single soul is precious to God, and so every soul is precious to us. God did not grant us the position of judge  - but He did call us and even command us... to love one another as He has loved us.



Jesus came and gave His life on the cross so we could live a free, abundant, joy-filled life! A no limits – overflowing kind of life. So why should we live a small, limited, boring one? Life in Christ can and should be an exciting journey, an adventure! A Spirit filled and Spirit led life is one where you invite the Holy Spirit to lead you in whatever unique journey God has planned for you and do whatever He has designed and called you to do and to be for His glory.

We have 3 areas of ministry focus:

WORSHIP - passionately pursuing the presence of God

DISCIPLESHIP - teaching, training, equipping and releasing people to serve and flourish in their gifts and callings as they grow in their relationship with Jesus.

OUTREACH - reaching out beyond Sunday services to impact our city by meeting needs, caring for people, being a blessing and bringing the good news of the Gospel.